This is Umbriel, my test website. Currently, it hosts Ballista, the Baronial roll of arms, and Canon Lore 2.0, the new Kingdom roll of arms.


Ballista is a WordPress plugin I’ve developed with the assistance of Master Nicodemus Novello, Lochac’s Masonry Deputy, and Baroness Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn, former Dromond Herald.

Ballista is available here while I work on the back-end data entry system.  If you are interested in the Ynys Fawrian roll itself, you may rely on this version, which has been extensively tested.  If you are from another Barony in Lochac and would like to make use of Ballista for your own website, you can see the roll here and contact the developer to be kept up to date.

The Roll of Arms of the Barony of Ynys Fawr.
Ynys Fawr’s Baronial History.
The Ynys Fawr Populace Page.

For web ministers: notes on the plugin.

Canon Lore 2.0

Canon Lore 2.0 is a WordPress plugin I’m developing from the original Canon Lore.  It’s very young, full of bugs and lacking in features.